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Photographic Tour to Cullinan 30th August 2020

The whole world has experienced being locked up at home and on the 30th August  the club had our first post lockdown run. The event took the form of a photographic tour to Cullinan and seven cars joined us. Some great photos of the event are on the home page but all those that joined us enjoyed the day,

45 years of the Austin Healey Club 25/11/2018

Forty five years ago, the club was started at the Sunnyside Park  Hotel. Two of those at that meeting,  Gavin Warburton and Vic Langkilde were with us on the day. The Christmas Lunch was held at the Renaissance Retirement Village, the event being organised by Andries and Mara and Clive and Martie. The aim was to get 45 Healeys to attend, we got 34 real cars and 11 model Healeys so we achieved our objective. Thanks to all those who attended.


The weather started out perfect and sunny and with most getting there by about 11.30 , the drive there was very pleasant. That all changed and by 12.00 it was pouring with rain and a few folks arrived soaked. All was well however as the food was hot and delicious and the pudding, to die for. With the weather once again looking ominous, most left by about 15.30 but all those who attended enjoyed themselves.


Teaching your kids early to enjoy Healeys


Sunday morning 0730 saw us gather at the Engen Blockhouse for a trip to Parys for breakfast. After a pleasant trip down the R59 we arrived at about 0840 meeting Ferdi, Elize and Elna from Klerksdorp There. Ian and Sue had brought Stewart  and Thelma so we had 10 Healeys and about 28 people.

After a wander around the great venue, we all sat down to breakfast at about 0930. Two tables so Mara had to make two speeches to


tell us all the people that are having their 70th birthdays this year. Turns out, there are four.

Breakfast was served even though we were all reminiscing about the tour and other Healey events of the last little while.

It was great to see the Klerksdorp folks and also Stewart and Thelma, who we haven't seen for a while.

Most left at about 1130 with some wandering around town while others proceeded home in the heat of the day. Always pleasant in a Healey.

Our Christmas lunch this year will be at a very restful venue and we are expecting a large turnout. Nothing better that enjoying a good meal with water around you.

Gauteng National Tour 7-14/09/2018


Read all about it by clicking the icon alongside

Ladies at Dam.jpg
Healey on Farm.jpg
Bonnet Art.jpg

Ian Ramsay has come up with some unique artwork on the inside of his bonnet.

It seems he is not only a great photographer but a good artist as well.

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